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The stars are aligned. World-class hunting grounds on the Rocky Mountain Front could soon be saved but hunters and anglers only have one shot to get it right.

sportsmen for montana, men with elk on mountain

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” - Theodore Roosevelt

We Only have One Shot. Make it Count.

When Montana sportsmen wonder what awaits them in heaven it's hard to imagine a better place than the Rocky Mountain Front. But, we've only got one shot to ensure things stays that way - the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act.

The Heritage Act was introduced in Congress last fall by Senator Max Baucus after it was hashed out cooperatively by locals, sportsmen, and conservationists. It is Made-in-Montana legislation meant to keep the Front the way it is, nothing more and nothing less.

But we can’t let it languish in Congress! Our leaders will move quicker if they see the groundswell of support from folks back home in hunter orange and fishing waders.

The Rocky Mountain Front deserves the Heritage Act now more than ever. It will help sustain America's second-largest migratory elk herd and Montana's largest bighorn sheep population by protecting the habitat they depend upon. It will protect our traditional access and future opportunities to hunt in this truly wild country.

Here’s our shot. Add you name to the petition and fight for the tradition.