Supporting the Front

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We Are the Rocky Mountain Front

Across Montana, hunters, anglers and recreationists are sending a clear message: Keep the Rocky Mountain Front open for hunting and angling for the next generation.

The Right Piece of Property

According to local grizzled and wizened sportsmen like Stoney Burk - it takes real effort to hunt the Front. That means miles on your mules, dust and dirt on your boots, and a good deal of sweat. But the effort is well worth it once you're in the thick of some of the best damned wildlife habitat in the lower 48. Only on the Front can a hunter stalk nine big game species, including seven species of prized ungulates.

The Right way to do it

The Heritage Act is THE example of how to proactively protect our public lands hunting and fishing traditions before they are ruined by short-sightedness. The beauty of this bill is it's not being proposed by beauracrats in Washington DC. This legislation was hammered out locally by the people who work and recreate on the land. Once Montanans reached a collaborative agreement, it was brought to Washington D.C.

Keeping public lands protected, through local-legislation like the Heritage Act is really the only assurance we've got that we'll be able to pass on our traditions to our kids and our kid's kids. It's Made-in-Montana and its right for Montana. Support it today.